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Nubia and Jonathan are getting married!

We joyfully invite you to our wedding celebration
October 11, 2024
Our Story

Once upon a time a long, long, long time ago our love story started.  We met in the airport while working for TSA.  We got to know each other through a mutual friend and after a while of being friends we decided to start dating.  Eventually we moved in together and both agreed that we were not looking to get married at all, well ha isn't life funny look where we are now!  We both enjoy traveling, dancing, music, trying new restaurants, watching soccer (there we are die hard rivals lol) and just enjoying life to the fullest.  Life has done what life does and put many tests and obstacles along our path, but thanks to our love and respect for each other we have been able to overcome all the things that life has put in front of us.  After dating for 8 plus years, Jonathan finally decided to propose to me in Puerto Rico.  Since we love to travel he knew it was the perfect time because I would not expect it at all.  On June 18th 2022 and with the help of our dear friends Mike, Oscar and Dani, Jonathan proposed to me in one of the most beautiful places, El Paseo de La Princesa in Puerto Rico.


Our Team.

We are extremely thankful to our team for accepting to be part of our special day.  We love each one of you, and thank you for always being by our side.

Our Team
The Venue
T h e  W e d d i n g
T h e  W e d d i n g
Oct 11, 2024, 3:30 PM
Montpellier Casa Campestre,
Loma Del Escobero, Envigado, Antioquia, Colombia

These are only suggestions of Hotels near the venue:


Local Activities


We're excited for your presence, not presents. Please, no gifts.

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